A Small Question for Gastronomers

People are becoming absolutely crazy in order to reduce even the slightest amount of calories from their food. Less of everything is apparently better for the body. Some people are extreme, some are moderately concerned. I for one, just check the calories in any particular food, and decide whether to gorge that food or not; some fanatics check from calories, to saturated fat, to sodium, to potassium, and perhaps, all the rest elements of the periodic table if present in the food.

Ooh, it has 2 milligrams of dysprosium. I wonder if I will be able to burn it off today, or how much will it contribute to this bulking physique of mine.

I actually find it a but crazy myself that I check out for calories count on the back of any potable drink, or food. before buying. I used to be independent of this rule, and life seemed a lot simpler then, since I could have just gone, and bought; as compared to now, where I think thrice before purchasing anything. The benefit being, obviously, healthy life.

However, I was thinking about this the other day: everyone seems to be moving towards less of everything, for health benefits. Now, if I have to say, reduce some amount of calories from a particular food item, that has butter, then perhaps, I will avoid putting in butter, or put butter at a minimal amount. If I want less sodium, then lesser salt perhaps, or lesser sodium contributing elements, and you get my train of thought.

If I am reducing the amount of ingredients in a particular food item, why is the price of it going up? Reduced sugar/ Reduced potassium/ Reduced everything in the menu; however, the price doesn’t seem to reduce, but reaches such an atrocious height, that given a lack of subject to goad upon, Conspiracy Theorists might jump onto this topic.

But it did always baffle me, how the prices are more for foods that contain less. It is almost following a super car/ hyper car trend. They shed weight, provide a powerful engine, to go faster. And make their chassis out of carbon fiber, and other various exotic amalgamation. These ‘reduced’ food does help me to shed some weight, but speed difference as compared to others, is not that drastic. And if you are still willing to argue, I would just jump continuously, yelling, “Okay, fine! But where the bloody hell is my carbon fiber?”



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