Apple’s Leap Forward

Finally, we get to see what iOS 10 has in store for us. I am rather excited this time because of a few major upgrades that they are coming out with. Out of the few, one which caught my eye was the change in the way of how we converse with people using iPhone’s messaging system: iMessages.

Previously, iMessages were like any other OS’s messaging system, except wait, iMessages used internet data to send the texts, so you could send your texts even when you didn’t have any phone signal. That is a good thing, and a bad, due to obvious reasons. The good thing is, if you have internet connection, then no matter if you are in the furthest corner of your office, where signal bar is bleak, as saffron in a cheap Mughlai Biriyani (it is an Indian delicacy, try out if you haven’t); you will be able to send a text. However, the obvious bad thing is, if you have limited data, then your data will finish quicker than anticipated, due to iMessage. Obviously, you can turn iMessage off: you can also not buy an iPhone, then. You can, after you have hit ‘Send’ hold on to the text, and hit the option, ‘Send as text’, but generally iMessage is so drastically fast, generally you don’t get the chance. Once it is delivered, it is delivered.

Apple has upgraded it’s OS for iPhone quite a number of times, and although I was quite happy with the new changes that they used to bring, my joy used to wither, when my mates who use Android used to tell, “that technology which Apple just introduced, has been in Android since the past 980 million years”. It is true, even though, I am quite confident that the 980 million years ago is a hyperbole. To be honest, it is a true that many of the features that Apple had introduced over the years, was already there in Android OS, and for the same price, if not less. But however, Apple has an amazing brand name, which was helping it survive, even though it was technologically ‘ late’ in certain aspects. Android’s involvement and freedom to third party applications has let it grow at a much faster rate, as compared to Apple. Apple came late into the business in that way, and was maintaining its purity, perhaps.

Conversation through phone (specifically various texting apps), and social media are religions to human beings nowadays. People cannot live without talking, sending jokes, pictures via Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Whatsapp, Snapchat, et cetera. On the top of that, the various way of replying, such as gifs, emoticons, stickers have caught on really well. It is an amazing way of expressing what you truly want to relay, in a really quick, and efficient way; not forgetting the fact that they are hilarious most of the times. iOS 10’s iMessage section has gotten a major upgrade, where they have taken the method of replying, and texting to a whole new level. They have introduced how you want the message to be delivered, something called invisible ink, hand written notes, emojis and gifs. One might argue that they are in existence: they are. But they are not like Apple is trying to do.

Check out this video for a clearer view.

All I am saying is, Apple has recognized the weak spot in a human’s heart at the current moment, and I think they have struck hard. Approaching a very basic form of conversation in a new fashion might strike really well. It seems to be a bit of time consuming, but I think people will spend those extra seconds, in deciding what form of emotion they want to convey. After all, how much do you think a single exclamation mark can convey, unless they are an English major (I joke). Apple might have just struck gold with this update. We only have to wait and see. On a totally different note, I really want to see how Apple’s stock prices would fare after their release of iOS 10 to the general public.



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